Sometimes the simple things are the best.

From David Ching’s blog, an interview with Sugar Bowl MVP Marcus Howard:

On their plan coming in:
Coach Martinez said, ‘Hit Colt Brennan.’ He made it a big statement, a big priority. He said, ‘If he ran the option, don’t fan out, just hit him. When he passes the ball, as long as it’s legal, hit him.’ And that’s what we did. Our priority was to hit Colt Brennan. That’s what the defense did.

Willie Martinez is a genius.



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  1. Tenn_Dawg

    It appears as though they listened to WM. Georgia has now faced the two best WAC teams (Boise St. and Hawai’i) and the two best WAC quarterbacks in Zabransky and Brennen. Both of those games were over by the second quarter and both quarter backs failed to finish the game.

    Senator have you heard or read anything about Muschamp going to Texas as DC? If true I hope TT does not come after Garner.


  2. A lot of places are reporting that Muschamp is a done deal to Texas.

    I doubt Tubs goes after Garner, for a couple of reasons. First, I’d be surprised if he doesn’t try to find someone who’s been a DC. Second, there are probably some internal political ramifications to bringing RG back to Auburn that may give TT some pause for thought.

    And I’m not sure RG would go if asked, to be honest. Why fight Saban for recruits when he can have his way in Georgia?


  3. Tenn_Dawg

    That is good news. Just out of curiosity what are the “internal political ramifications” in which you speak? I was thinking in terms of RG being interested because it would be a coordinator position. If he went to Auburn he could still probably have his way in Georgia to some degree, in particular south Georgia, but I do see your point.
    Hopefully RG’s family is nice and settled in Athens for a long time to come.


  4. motorcitymad

    I saw this on Ching’s page, and also thought it was brilliant. After hearing about Tebow regaling Brennan with tales of the Dawg D being the best he faced during the season, I imagined Colt spending some late nights thinking about the imminent horror he was about to face, and hoped WM was doing his best to encourage the guys to take full advantage of his fear. Nicely played assist by Timmy Tebow…

    Not that it really mattered – from my perspective the smiles and arrogance exhibited by the Warriors early was transparent at best. A few series into the game, they were clearly lost, frustrated and/or afraid. I didn’t blame them.

    Anyway, for all their faults, at least FOX didn’t subject us to a similar pity party held for the Wisconsin QB. Or for that matter, the constant flashes of mom and dad in the stands after each hit (and there were quite a few).


  5. motorcitymad

    He said, ‘If he ran the option, don’t fan out, just hit him.’

    Remember the one time they ran the option? With all of the big hits, I think I forgot about it – no worries at all about the back, we had one person in position, and he just LEVELED Colt. In an instant I went from being ticked about the lack of discipline to being amazed at the de-cleater. I guess this explains it…