What do they know…

While much of the complaining about the BCS this year is that three of the four matchups have been lopsided, me… I’m just wondering at this point why Oklahoma and Virginia Tech jumped Georgia in the last rankings.



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4 responses to “What do they know…

  1. SonuvaDawg

    I have a sneaking suspicion we may be asking that same question about LSU after their game on Monday.


  2. J-Mo

    I completely agree with you!!! I just left a big response to Tony Barnhart’s blog where he now thinks (well, suggests) #8 Kansas should be considered to leap frog now over Missouri (who beat Kansas), USC and UGA (both of which would have destroyed Kansas last night).

    The polls have become a joke.


  3. Tenn_Dawg

    I was surprised by Kansas winning last night b/c I thought that if any ACC team resembled an SEC caliber team it would be VaTech based on how they play defense, offensive philosophy and the skill level of their personnel. I guess they pad their stats on ACC competition. I should have been smarter.


  4. dean

    The only logical answer I can think of to your question is they both (Oklahoma & VT) won their conference.

    In response to J-MO’s post; if Kansas jumps us or USC for that matter then the pollsters are even more idiotic than I thought. Georgia nor USC could control who they played. They played and won convincingly against the teams, albeit inferior, the bowl committees picked. Neither team should be punished for that in the polls.

    The DAWGS should finish in the top 5 at worst. If Ohio St. wins then we should be top 3. A 3 loss LSU team should not be #2 by default.
    Top 5 if Ohio St. wins:
    1 – Ohio St.
    2 – UGA/USC
    3 – USC/UGA
    4 – KU
    5 – LSU
    However if LSU wins we likely drop to 4th.
    It’s still hard to believe we can even say that after being 4-2 through the first 6 games. WHAT A YEAR!!!!