At least they’ll win.

I forgot to mention this when I saw it the other day.  David Ching had a post up about the announcement that Clemson and Alabama would open the ’08 season with a game at the Georgia Dome.  Ching wondered how much of an impact the game would have on Georgia’s in state recruiting  (my answer:  not much).

The bigger impact I see coming is that it’s scheduled for the same day as Georgia Tech’s opener against – a drum roll, please! –  Jacksonville State.  All the attention that would ordinarily have been generated about the Paul Johnson era getting underway on the Flats will be dwarfed by the story of a larger, more enthusiastic crowd watching what is quite likely to be a more interesting game.   Don’t think the comparison will be lost on the media.

A PR nightmare, in other words.  It’s Chantastic!

By the way, make sure you read that thread on The Hive.  There’s at least one classic line:

… DragonCon is going to steal away more people from the GT game than Alabama/Clemson.

No, he wasn’t being facetious.



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5 responses to “At least they’ll win.

  1. Ally

    What the hell is DragonCon?


  2. CLTDawg

    Exactly what you would think it would be:



  3. I agree that this won’t have a substantial effect on Georgia’s recruiting effect. It will have an effect on Atlanta’s economy. Take a look here


  4. dean

    What’s up Ally? My fellow SC Dawg.
    I would have to guess that DragonCon is some gay ass game nerds like to play. Likely similar to Dungeons and Dragons.
    I don’t see how this game would have any negative effect our recruiting. Clem[p]son is roughly an hour from ATL yet is still doesn’t hurt our recruiting. And if a kid wants to go play for a lying dirt bag of a coach at Alabama then we don’t need him anyway.


  5. Tbird

    Aw, you’re cute, Dean.
    What’s the matter, you get beat up by a roving gang of role players when you were in high school?
    “Nerdstock”…CLTDawg, you sound like you should be in that old 80’s movie “Revenge of the Nerds” Come on….say “Neeeeeeerds!” for us just to get in the mood.