A quick look ahead

The most daunting task facing what should be a very highly ranked Georgia squad in ’08 is this:

2008 SCHEDULE (home games in bold)

Aug 30: Georgia Southern
Sep 6: Central Michigan

Sep 13: South Carolina
Sep 20: Arizona State
Sep 27: Alabama
Oct 11: Tennessee
Oct 18: Vanderbilt

Oct 25: LSU
Nov 1: Florida
Nov 8: Kentucky
Nov 15: Auburn
Nov 29: Georgia Tech

That’s nine teams that played in bowls this season, including three on January 1st. There are five teams on that list with head coaches that have won MNCs.

The two open dates on the schedule are nice (and getting two weeks to prepare for Paul Johnson’s triple option may be bigger than we think right now), but a month and a half between the last two home games looks a little strange. From here, it looks like that stretch away from Athens will wind up defining the season.



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6 responses to “A quick look ahead

  1. Kind of sucks that we’re trading 2007’s pre-Florida off week for a game in Baton Rouge. That’s sort of like agreeing to cancel your weekend at Hilton Head so that you can go into the office and pull a couple of all-nighters.


  2. I just looked at Florida’s 2008 schedule. The Gators don’t have the previous week off, either, although they do enjoy a home game against Kentucky (instead of a Baton Rouge road trip).

    Here’s something interesting, though. Florida has an off week before its game against Tennessee, just like Georgia. Looks like the rivals are loading up against the Vols next season.


  3. Hobnail_Boot



  4. DirkDawggle

    Hmmm….4 tough road games in a row. I think we’ve got ’em right where we want ’em.


  5. dean

    That’s why I haven’t been talking too much about a NC. It’s not that I don’t think the DAWGS can do it but that’s got to be one of the hardest schedules in the country. The kids will have to be focused every game and as with any championship run we’ll need some breaks.
    However if we come out of that schedule with only one loss and win the SECCG then we damn well deserve a shot at the title. Even if there are two undefeated teams.
    This raises the question of if strength of schedule is not a factor in the BCS anymore why play a schedule like that? Why be in a conference for that matter?
    Why not load up a schedule full of DII schools, run the table and play for the NC?


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