This just in: Montanans know the Dawgs!

Mandel votes Georgia #2 in his final AP ballot.


UPDATE:  More Mandel love here.


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5 responses to “This just in: Montanans know the Dawgs!

  1. Dammit. The past month Stewie has been pretty good. I guess he is smarter than creationists.


  2. Bryan Carver '97

    Convenient that we move back to #2 AFTER the bowl games. We weren’t good enough to be #2 going into the bowls, when all of the conference champs moved ahead of us (oh, wait, USC and Virginia Tech didn’t move ahead of us like LSU and OU?) But now, when it doesn’t count (in terms of who plays for the MNC), its OK. Oh yeah, and the other conference champs still aren’t ahead of us except for USC.

    I know, I know – let it go. I’m just sayin’…

    Congrats Dawgs on a great season!


  3. Clever Mandel reference indeed.

    On another note, you have a 22 year old daughter? I thought I was the only too old to be blogging guy around here.

    Congrats on a fine year Bulldogs.


  4. “Too old”? Ouch.

    I’ve got three girls – 22, 20 and 19. Estrogen is a big thing in my life.

    By the way, I saw your comment on your blog about Chimay. I second that emotion. There are few things finer in life than a good Belgian beer.

    Thanks for congrats on the season. I think ’08 is going to be special for both our schools in the SEC East.


  5. That Chimay led to a bit of mental impairment while blogging/watching last night. When it comes to brews now I can’t barely stand “normal” beers.

    As for kids I have 1, a daughter, who just turned 2. Seeing as I am north of 40, it is going to be an adventure.

    As for 08′, here’s to UGA and UF meeting undefeated. Could you imagine that?