“I’m all about having a fresh start but that’s Tennessee…”

For those of you who believe that USC transfer RB Emmanuel Moody is poised to remake the Florida offense into a balanced monster that will allow Tim Tebow to flourish at an even more exalted level than this past season… well, not so fast, my friends.

Gator running backs coach Stan Drayton has left Gainesville to ply his trade in the land of the Orange and White. It doesn’t sound like the most amicable of partings, but the intriguing part is why Drayton says he was open to a change of scenery.

… Drayton also noted that one of the factors in his decision to leave Florida dealt with the limited role of the running back in Meyer’s spread option offense.

“If you’re going to be a running backs coach, you want to be part of a system that involves the running back,” Drayton said.

To paraphrase a former president, that depends upon what your definition of “running back” is.


UPDATE:  It looks like Drayton may not be the only guy fleeing Gator Country.  If the report is true, that’s two of Meyer’s best recruiters out the door.  (h/t MGoBlog)



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3 responses to ““I’m all about having a fresh start but that’s Tennessee…”

  1. dean

    Who will Myer point the finger (and stare) at for this? HMMMMM!


  2. UgaMatt

    Looks like Urban’s act is starting to wear thin…


  3. peacedog

    My sources tell me Meyer is looking to blame me for this.