Matt Hayes: when factoids kill

I love it when media pundits throw out some piece of data which they wield to imply something significant, when upon closer inspection the whole exercise shows that they’re simply talking out of their derrieres.

Today’s example comes from TSN’s Matt Hayes, who in giving us a list of eight MNC contenders for next season, tries to temper the enthusiasm for Georgia by writing that

Everyone’s excited about the Dawgs, but their seven straight wins came against teams (Vanderbilt, Florida, Troy, Auburn, Kentucky, Georgia Tech, Hawaii) with 31 total losses.

Bummer, man. It’s probably not even worth noting that five of those seven teams wound up in bowls, so gloomy sounding is Hayes. I mean, 31 losses… that sounds like a lot of wins over bad or mediocre teams… Georgia’s schedule must not be as strong as I thought…

Hey, wait a minute. There’s only one other team on Hayes’ list that even has at least a current seven game winning streak – BYU. And BYU’s last seven opponents lost a combined 48 games.

And just for yuks, here’s a comparison for you, Matt: even though Southern Cal and LSU didn’t win their last seven games in a row, each school’s last seven opponents lost a total of 37 games.



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3 responses to “Matt Hayes: when factoids kill

  1. peacedog

    And in the top OOC matchups, regarding the UGA v ASU game “We’ll be force-fed some serious Dawg love.”

    That’s it? That’s your comment about the game? And you don’t think you’re going to be force fed USC vs OSU about 1000x times as much (unless one of them loses before that matchup)? But never mind that, because you couldn’t come up with anything useful to say about the game?


  2. What’s even better is he later says Tennessee is the only SEC team with balls enough to schedule a tough out of conference opponent, when he talks about the Tenn-UCLA game next year.

    He then goes on to show that Auburn plays WV, Florida plays Miami, and Georgia play Arizona State (all teams that will be ranked higher than UCLA).

    He also forgets to mention that LSU played VT out of conference this year, South Carolina plays Clemson every year, Kentucky plays Louisville every year… goes on and on and on……


  3. Given the state of today’s mainstream sports punditry, you really have to work your ass off to be the most substance-free columnist in the country, but Hayes has been making a serious run at the title for years now.

    I mean, we all like to rag Mandel until we’re blue in the face, but even when his opinions are obtuse, he at least tries to look like he did some research and came up with some supporting evidence. Hayes gives every impression that his idea of “research” is three Red Bulls and a 15-second skim of the agate type in the L.A. Times sports section.