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Finebaum ranks the coaches.

And he loves him some Mark Richt.

— 1. Mark Richt, Georgia: Richt recovered from a down year in 2006 with a stunning 2007 mark of 10-2, a No. 2 final ranking and the preseason pick of many to win it all in 2008. He is consistently one of the best recruiters in the country and, at this moment in history, the best head coach in the SEC. What’s even more impressive about Richt was his ability to make vital changes, which separates him from many of his brethren. He gave up the play-calling duties and became more of a CEO. Still, though, he figured out a way to get more emotion and passion from his players (evidenced by the outburst against Florida), which translated into a wonderful season.

All well and good, of course, but it’s kind of a strange list if he’s evaluating based on “current value”.  Spurrier at #2?  Saban ahead of Miles?



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“So, Senator, how are those seats?”

Bet you didn’t know this:

The chief lobbyist for the state’s 35-school University System has been replaced as the biggest spender at the Capitol. The new champ as the top lobbyist is the University of Georgia.

On what, you might ask.

As a result, the new top dog is UGA lobbyist Randy Powers, who reported spending about $24,000 on state officials and lawmakers during the final five months of 2007, the most recent reporting period.

Most of that went for football tickets to everyone from Gov. Sonny Perdue and Secretary of State Karen Handel to Speaker Glenn Richardson (R-Hiram) and back-bench legislators.

But that’s not all.

UGA reported spending about $7,000 in legislator expenses for just the Sugar Bowl, which was held New Year’s Day in New Orleans. UGA paid the travel expenses and meals and bought tickets for several state lawmakers and their spouses or guests. Richardson’s tab alone came to almost $1,500.

Go, Dawgs!  Well, according to UGA spokesman Tom Jackson, it’s not fun and games on Game Day.  Not at all.

“We’re the flagship institution in the University System,” Jackson said. “We have a lot of people interested in what’s going on at the university.

“If you’ve ever been in the president’s box at a football game, there is not a lot of football-watching going on,” he said. “There is a lot of conversation, a lot of questions and answers, and a lot of work going on, with people being informed about what’s going on at the university.”

Sure, sure – we understand.  And here’s the other side backing that up:

State Rep. Doug McKillip (D-Athens), a UGA alum whose district includes the school, attended every home game this fall at the invitation of the university. Powers’ disclosure also shows the school paid $2,270 for McKillip and his wife to attend the Sugar Bowl.

“I think it’s important I am there [at games] as a representative for this area and as sort of an emissary for Athens,” said McKillip, who during the football season was serving his first fall in the General Assembly. “It’s a good opportunity to introduce people to Athens and talk to them about the local culture here and everything the university has to offer.”

He’s on the job.  Sweet!

Maybe this helps you understand a little more why Michael Adams wants to get the out of control D-1 postseason under control – his control.  He can put it to better use.

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Revisiting a cliché

Last March, I took a look at how MNC winners over the past several seasons held up with regard to the hoary saw about football success being based on running the ball and stopping the run.  Essentially, it appears to be a valid indicator.

Over that seven year period, national championship teams have averaged 31st nationally in rushing offense and 15th in rushing defense. And in each of the last five years, a national champ has ranked in the top five in either rushing defense or rushing offense nationally.

So how did LSU compare this season?  Pretty darn well, as a matter of fact.   The Tigers didn’t finish in the top five in either rushing defense or rushing offense, but they did beat – handily, as a matter of fact – the historical average for the decade by finishing 11th nationally in rushing offense and 12th in rushing defense.

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“Maybe he got religion.”

Bernie Machen finally speaks on the subject of Michael Adams and a D-1 football playoff.

Bottom line is that he’s none too impressed.

“I think Michael is misreading the landscape to say there is more support than there was a year ago,” Machen said. “I don’t think he’s going to get any traction. I warned him about getting the NCAA involved. I’ve been told to keep it out of their hands. And I warned him about being too specific. If you come out with an eight-team scenario, the guy who wants a four-team and the guy who wants a 16-team aren’t going to support it.

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