Finebaum ranks the coaches.

And he loves him some Mark Richt.

— 1. Mark Richt, Georgia: Richt recovered from a down year in 2006 with a stunning 2007 mark of 10-2, a No. 2 final ranking and the preseason pick of many to win it all in 2008. He is consistently one of the best recruiters in the country and, at this moment in history, the best head coach in the SEC. What’s even more impressive about Richt was his ability to make vital changes, which separates him from many of his brethren. He gave up the play-calling duties and became more of a CEO. Still, though, he figured out a way to get more emotion and passion from his players (evidenced by the outburst against Florida), which translated into a wonderful season.

All well and good, of course, but it’s kind of a strange list if he’s evaluating based on “current value”.  Spurrier at #2?  Saban ahead of Miles?



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3 responses to “Finebaum ranks the coaches.

  1. Andrew

    I love seeing Richt up on top, but where’s the love for Bobby Johnson? I’d definitely put him two or three spots ahead. He’s done so much better than the coaches in the lower level of the SEC- Nutt, Spurrier, maybe even Brooks


  2. He hasn’t gotten Vandy over the bowl hump with arguably its two best teams in years.


  3. Andrew

    But the fact that he has pulled out wins against UT and Georgia shows that he can build those kind of teams at a private school-in the SEC no less.