Off the bubble

If you want to understand why an extended playoff gives me the willies, it’s real simple.

Basically, I’d rather see this as my regular season excitement…

… than wade through this.


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10 responses to “Off the bubble

  1. kckd

    LMAO, this is like the guy who sees a black turd and automatically he’s dying of cancer.


  2. Dawg 05

    Highlights of that game will never get old.


  3. LrgK9

    Respectfully disagree.

    This guy says it best…

    “The BCS celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, and, incredibly, keeps getting worse as it gets older. If the BCS were wine, it would age as gracefully as MD 20/20. . . .

    By the way, the BCS was so absolutely scintillating this year, I have a suggestion for the NFL:

    Now that you’re down to your final 8, why do you need playoff games this weekend? Why not just have the writers and coaches vote on the two teams that should be in the Super Bowl? That’s the best way to handle it, don’t you think? . . .

    Mike Bianchi Orlando Sentinel “


  4. LK9, no big deal.

    But I don’t know why the NFL should be the model for college football.


  5. bdawg

    I don’t see how a playoff at the end of this season would have made that game any less exciting. A playoff to me just creates opportunity for more games of this caliber.

    Thanks for all the blogs though!


  6. bdawg, it depends on the playoff format, doesn’t it?


  7. NM

    So I’m confused. If the Giants win this game, they’ll be one game away from the Super Bowl… but, but, but… they didn’t even win their own division! What’ll we do?!

    The now 17-0 Patriots are, without a doubt, the best team in the NFL this year. The possibility that some other team might win “the” trophy, and be declared “the” champion, despite having several more losses, should turn anyone off to playoffs. Maybe college should be the model for the NFL, and maybe winning games before January could count for something…


  8. HVLDawg

    Senator, I couldn’t agree more. The only thing that could have made my season better would have been a win against SC and UT and a trip to beat USC in the Rose Bowl.

    I’ll be damned if I’d want to give the gators a second chance of doing in a playoff what they couldn’t do during the season.

    Great job seniors, good luck in the combine!


  9. Tom Dog

    I see the point of making the season count. But the BCS counts the Big-Pac-10-Whatever season the same as the SEC. It’s amazing — lucky — that the SEC champ has even been given a shot, the BCS seems to always give the big fish in a little pond chance after chance to play the big game. Maybe we could just “tweak” the BCS again. How ’bout a rule banning Ohio State from the championship game for at least 5 years? How ’bout the highest ranked BCS bowl champion plays the SEC champ for the title?


  10. Hobnail_Boot

    No matter what becomes of Trinton Sturdivant, he will forever be one of my all-time favorite Dawgs.