Matt Hayes knows Matt Stafford.

At least he thinks he does.

I’m probably just trolling for excuses to post video clips from this past season, but once again, Matt Hayes shows his ass…

Talented ‘Dawgs need QB Matt Stafford to take the next critical step in his development: the ability to carry a team in big games.

… and I feel the need to respond.

It’s fair to criticize Stafford for being inconsistent, and his mechanics could still use some polish, but how can you fault him for not stepping up in big games?



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8 responses to “Matt Hayes knows Matt Stafford.

  1. Will

    Amen, Senator. Thank you for posting this. I thought the same thing when I read it. Stafford has caused me to curse more than Greene or Shockley ever did, but you can’t accuse the boy of not playing his best in big games. If anything, he’s sometimes susceptible to playing down to the opposition.


  2. Stafford to Massaquoi for 84 yard TD. UGA 14-UF 7. Stafford answers Florida’s three play TD drive with a two-play TD drive.

    Stafford to Henderson for 53 yard TD. UGA 35 – UF24. Stafford extends UGA’s lead to 11 early in the fourth quarter – it would prove to be enough.

    Stafford to Massaquoi for 58 yard TD. UGA 10 – AU 3. Great play-action and pocket movement to find an all-alone Massaquoi for an easy TD.

    Stafford to Bailey for 13 yard TD. UGA 17 – AU 3. Stafford’s early passes in this game completely kept the Auburn defense honest and made it much easier to pound the ball throughout the second half during which we had 4 rushing TDs. The 45 yard pass to Sean Bailey late in the third quarter after AU took a 20-17 lead was what most observers would call a Big play in a Big game. That was the tipping point for the game and 4 rushing TDs followed for the 45-20 blowout. There was another 33 yard pass to Bailey late in the 3rd quarter that aided in keeping AU from loading the box. Add to that the two throws to Tripp Chandler for 18 and 26 yards on Stafford’s final possession of the night. Altogether, Stafford completed 11 passes. I have just pointed out 6 of those and how big each was. Maybe Matt Hayes needs a copy of this game film.


  3. Between this and the last set of asinine comments you linked to, I’m convinced that Hayes never actually watched a single Georgia game all year long.

    But mark my words, if Georgia sails through the 2008 regular season 12-0 or 11-1, wins the SEC title and gets a shot at the Big One, Hayes will be a) saying he knew the Dawgs were going to be unstoppable all along and b) mercilessly chiding the people who doubted Stafford. That’s just how this guy rolls.


  4. Atlchris

    I agree Senator… But what do you think about Brittney?


  5. Brittney? Does she read this blog? 😉


  6. CLTDawg

    Doug – you couldn’t be more correct in your call. That guy is a total asshat.


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