The Dust Bowl

No, it’s not a new BCS game. It’s a concern raised by the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Terry Pluto, namely that the demographics of the Midwest and the Sun Belt don’t favor teams like Ohio State over the long haul.

For several years, my theory is it will continually be harder for Ohio State to contend at the elite national level because of population shifts. More people keep leaving the Midwest and moving South and West. That means there simply are more good athletes in warm-weather states and that gives schools in those regions a great advantage. Part of the reason OSU has been able to compete at such a high level is the kids in the Midwest generally receive very good high school coaching. But the trend is working against the Buckeyes.

I went through the list of the top 50 high school senior football prospects on, supplied by Scouts Inc. Not a single Ohio kid was on the list. Nor was anyone from Michigan or Indiana. There were three from Pennsylvania. The highest rated Ohio kid on a longer list of 100 was DeVoe Torrence, the Massillon running back at No. 64. He is committed to the Buckeyes…

I can’t wait to hear what Jim Delany proposes to do about this.

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