Ask not what Michael Adams can do for you…

The man goes statesmanlike about playoffs:

Adams, an Ohio State graduate who has been the president of the University of Georgia since 1997 and is the chairman of the NCAA executive committee, chastised his former school as well.

“I have good friends [there], I have two degrees from Ohio State, I love Ohio State,” he said. “But this is not a way to serve the country.”

How Kennedyesque. Next he’ll be telling us that if we can put a man on the moon, we can create a D-1 playoff.

Now that he’s gotten his butt kicked by the NCAA, he doesn’t have to pull any punches.

Adams essentially claimed that the Big Ten has had unworthy participants in the title game. Ohio State is the only Big Ten team to make the BCS championship game, and the Buckeyes have done so three times, including the past two.

“You see, what we have now is a system where the Big Ten has the opportunity to most every year get a team into the national championship game that, based on their performance, would not get there through a playoff system,” Adams said. “So, they are not dumb people.”

If his opponents aren’t dumb, they are selfish, putting their own needs ahead of Adams’ … er, ours.

“The bowls have contributed a lot through the years. My proposal acknowledges that, and keeps them in the system. But they ought not be making ultimate decisions based on their individual needs, without regard to the national need.”

Adams’ radio host, former Clinton political operative James Carville (now there’s a match made in heaven) thinks telling a BCS bowl and two major conferences to go screw themselves would have one significant benefit:

Carville pointed out what a potent recruiting tool that scenario would provide for the SEC and Big 12 – if they could offer recruits the chance to play for a national championship, while the Big Ten and Pac 10 teams would forfeit that opportunity.

Yeah, I bet Bobby Johnson is just chomping at the bit to have an opportunity to sway kids away from Southern Cal.

Well, shoot, James, why wait on the NCAA to do something? Just have a bowl game that matches the winners of those two conferences and call the winner of that game the national champion. Voilà! Problem solved. (It’s worked for Auburn, right?)

Look for Adams to take his media tour to a sympathetic Mark Bradley, who actually labeled D-1 football the “silliest of sports” in a column this morning. Because when you’re on the side of the angels, it’s OK to break one of the cardinal rules of marketing by degrading the product that you’re trying to “help”. After all, you’re just trying to serve your country.


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