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OSU: the third time’s the charm.

Sometimes, you’re not faster because you’re faster.  You’re faster because you’re smarter.

“When we lined up they knew something was up, but we didn’t give them a chance to adjust,” Flynn said in a telephone interview this week. “We quick-snapped and they weren’t ready.”

The amazing thing to me is that this is the second year in a row that Ohio State was out-prepped by an SEC opponent in the title game.   Maybe the Buckeyes will get it right next time.



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Recruiting roundup

It’s a slow news day and it’s the time of year when recruiting dominates the college football world anyway, so here’s what Dawg-related stuff I could find:

  • SI.com includes Georgia on its list of “The Rich Getting Richer“. Nice.
  • A. J. Harmon is at peace with his decision to commit to Georgia. For now, anyway. Surprisingly, Clemmins seems at peace with it, too. Weird.
  • If Dave Johnson is gone to West Virginia, whither goest TE recruit Dwayne Allen? And if Allen elects to decommit, who does that open the door to?
  • If we are to believe ESPN’s Bruce Feldman, über recruit Omar Hunter will be doing the Gator chomp on signing day. Bummer.  But the guys at Rivals aren’t so sure.  Yay!
  • Over at Dawg Sports, MaconDawg tells you everything you wanted to know about gray shirting – and more.


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The once and future QBs

Nice pic from CBS Sportsline, although I wonder what the three guys in the middle are looking at:

(photo courtesy Getty Images)

Maybe it’s somebody waving at Joe Cox to fix his pants…


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