Recruiting roundup

It’s a slow news day and it’s the time of year when recruiting dominates the college football world anyway, so here’s what Dawg-related stuff I could find:

  • includes Georgia on its list of “The Rich Getting Richer“. Nice.
  • A. J. Harmon is at peace with his decision to commit to Georgia. For now, anyway. Surprisingly, Clemmins seems at peace with it, too. Weird.
  • If Dave Johnson is gone to West Virginia, whither goest TE recruit Dwayne Allen? And if Allen elects to decommit, who does that open the door to?
  • If we are to believe ESPN’s Bruce Feldman, über recruit Omar Hunter will be doing the Gator chomp on signing day. Bummer.  But the guys at Rivals aren’t so sure.  Yay!
  • Over at Dawg Sports, MaconDawg tells you everything you wanted to know about gray shirting – and more.


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8 responses to “Recruiting roundup

  1. GDawg

    fyi, Hunter is telling folks at BHS that is he definitely a Gator, has been for weeks now.


  2. Tenn_Dawg

    Senator…..Ghost swears that Hunter will be a Dawg for what it is worth. I thought I read somewhere that CMR was suppose to have a in home visit with him this week. Maybe UGA can some how pick him from the Gators jaws. I don’t like our chances if he visits UF this weekend. I hope he does not fall under UM’s spell. A Hunter and Tyson combination could rule the SEC.


  3. TD, I’ll be honest with ‘ya… I’m surprised Hunter’s even on the radar screen right now for the Dawgs.

    The one thing I’ve heard recently that might be helpful is that he didn’t like being far away from his family for that All-Star game he was in.

    I don’t think Pridemore’s verbal to Florida makes any difference to Hunter, FWIW.


  4. John

    I don’t understand the Allen situation. If Coach johnson goes to WVU, I read that Allen will go to FSU. Huh? If he likes Coach J so much, why wouldn’t he follow him? And if he doesn’t/can’t go to WVU, why not come to Athens instead of Tallahassee? There’ll be no Coach J at either place.


  5. This doesn’t exactly sound like burning enthusiasm from Mr. Hunter:

    “I’m going to visit Georgia just to see it,” Hunter said. “Why not? It’s close to home. It’s right down the street.”


  6. dean

    I hope Allen stays firm and Hunter comes to his senses. However if neither of them sign it’s not the end of the world. I mean we might drop from the # 2 class to the # 3 class.
    Hunter would be nice because we could use a little more depth on the D-line and could get some early playing time. Allen on the other hand likely would not see playing time for at least a year or two. We’ve got good class seperation with Chandler (SR), Figgins (TFR), White(RSFR) and Ward (SO).


  7. dean

    Sorry I made a boo-boo. Figgins will be a So.


  8. peacedog

    Mmmm, I think everything with Hunter depends on finding a ship for him. If we do, I believe that things will change, and we will be a serious player. If we don’t – he’ll thank us for the attention and ply his trade elsewhere. FWIW, I do believe we need to come up with that scholarship before he goes to Florida, but then I don’t really know anything.

    John, Allen really likes Lilly. WVU isn’t known for using Tes that much. Not that FSU is, but they just had a historic year in that regard, and have a more stable coaching situation. And. . . these things need not make sense.