The once and future QBs

Nice pic from CBS Sportsline, although I wonder what the three guys in the middle are looking at:

(photo courtesy Getty Images)

Maybe it’s somebody waving at Joe Cox to fix his pants…


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8 responses to “The once and future QBs

  1. dean

    They’re looking at those hot Hawaiian cheerleaders. Honestly it looks like Cox has already had an encounter with one, notice the pants and big smile.
    On a completely separate note; it looks like Coach Vans workout has been effective for Gray.


  2. kckd

    I thought the same Dean, that’s a much bigger Gray than we saw in those HS clips from last year.


  3. dean

    “that’s a much bigger Gray than we saw in those HS clips from last year.”
    Heck he’s much bigger than he was this past spring. I know he had a serious bout with mono but the kid was a twig when spring practice begin. Now he looks like he just got out of prison. I guess there’s some merit to those late night PB sandwiches and yoo-hoo’s.


  4. 81Dog

    I saw Logan before the G Day game in the spring of 2006; I didnt know who he was, but I saw all the coaches taking time to talk to him, especially Coach Richt and Coach Bobo. First thing I thought was, that kid is a twig, but he must be somebody. Found out who he was, and thought, wow…he needs some muscle.

    He looks like he’s muscled up considerably since then. Maybe Stafford has him on the Keg Press Workout Plan (patent pending). Hey, if that dude with the TaiBo workout could get rich, maybe Stafford has something to fall back on after college and the NFL. Don’t scoff. George Foreman made a lot more money peddling grills than he ever made being world heavyweight champ (and took a lot less beatings, too).


  5. Tenn_Dawg

    Wow……..Logan actually has some guns on him now. I wish they would put a package in for him that he can run this fall.


  6. Joe

    This is funny

    Thats the first thing I thought about when I saw this

    “Wow…..Gray is gettin huge”


  7. Tenn_Dawg

    Another thing about the pic…those black jerseys are really starting to grow on me. I still prefer the red but they do look really good.


  8. dean

    I agree with you Tenn-Dawg. I hope (and think) they will put some plays in for Gray to run. It would be a waste not to play him with the running ability, I’ve heard, he has.It would be another threat for DC’s to worry about. Although I would prefer it if they wait until the 3rd game to break him out. It would a nice surprise for Van Gorder and his new team.