Dawg factoid of the day

Did you know the last time Georgia ventured west of the Central Time Zone for a football game?

Let’s just say it’s been a while.

(h/t The Wizard of Odds


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6 responses to “Dawg factoid of the day

  1. EJ

    UGA played Arizona to a 13-13 tie in the ’85 Sun Bowl in El Paso, TX, which is in the Mountain Time Zone.


  2. 2e

    And didn’t we play in the Oahu bowl in 2000?


  3. Yep. I presume he meant to say a regular season game.


  4. kckd

    Still remember Donnan being carried off the field in the Hawaiian shirt. I felt sorry for him but I can’t help but laugh at some of those pics. BigDawgMoneyClip still uses them as sigs.


  5. Tom, RGF

    So Cal 1960


  6. Hobnail_Boot

    Interesting, he puts that above the USC-tOsu game.

    tOf course, USC is going to tObliterate the tOhioans.