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This ought to raise forty bucks.

No word on whether they intend to throw a couple of hot dogs in the deal.

Georgia Tech is trying to capitalize on their fans’ insatiable desire to find out who could be the next Calvin Johnson. The Yellow Jackets will charge $10 for an evening signing day event on Feb. 6 – separate from their usual morning session where new signees are initially unveiled to the public.


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Pressure drop: sacks and takeaways

Based on a couple of comments I received in response to this post, I was curious to see if there’s any correlation between sacks and takeaways.  There is a certain logic to more pressure leading to more fumbles and interceptions, but do the stats bear that out?

Well, at least on the surface based on this past season, it’s not that clear cut.

Here are the top twelve schools in sacks.

  1. Georgia Tech
  2. Virginia Tech
  3. Penn State
  4. USC
  5. Virginia
  6. Cincinnati
  7. Georgia
  8. Indiana
  9. Ohio State
  10. Oregon State
  11. TCU
  12. Rutgers

And here are the top twelve teams in takeaways.

  1. Cincinnati
  2. South Florida
  3. LSU
  4. Kansas
  5. Wake Forest
  6. West Virginia
  7. Oregon State
  8. Florida Atlantic
  9. Missouri
  10. Utah
  11. Oregon
  12. Boston College

As you can see, only two schools appear on both lists.  Another four schools that are top twelve in sacks finished in the top 25 in takeaways.  But four of the sack leaders were very poor in takeaways – Georgia Tech (#88); Virginia (#74); Ohio State (#94); Rutgers (#94) – and Georgia finished an OK, but not spectacular, #39 in takeaways.

That seems hardly conclusive of a link between the two.  There is a slightly higher correlation in the ’06 numbers, as four schools appear in that season’s lists of the top twelve sack leaders and takeaway leaders, but I still wouldn’t call that decisive.   Anybody have any thoughts as to why there isn’t a stronger relationship?


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It’s Jayhawk season!

There’s mischief afoot in the Missouri legislature where a state senator has introduced a bill making the Kansas Jayhawk (a mythical creature) the state game bird of Missouri.

There’s obviously no love lost between these folks.

But Fambrough has a suggestion. “I’m going to recommend that our people make the Tiger our most wanted. I have no love for those people.”

More kind thoughts here.

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