No survivors

With the unfortunate playing of the race card, it’s clear now that whoever wins the war between Rich Rodriguez and West Virginia University will only obtain a Pyrrhic victory.


UPDATE: Ivan Maisel has more on this here.



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4 responses to “No survivors

  1. Hillary C

    This sounds like my husband and his absurd rants!

    From the exact quotes Magee says people actually said to him, it sounds like they were all nice enough. How many times do we hear that he was told “Good Luck” or “Congratulations”?

    After he went w/ RR on the plane to Ann Arbor, with all those hard feelings, how does he think they’d even consider him? He made his bed (sorry, didn’t mean to bring up Monica).

    BTW, If WVU is so prejudiced, how was it they were able to hire a Hispanic 7 years earlier? Anyway, clearly going with a black man in any position (Like President) of authority is not a good idea at this time. After they broke the color barrier with RR, why didn’t they hire another minority – a woman?

    This sounds so much like Bubba’s conspiracy theories, no more, (not like a real conspiracy, but enough about those right wing nut jobs…..)


  2. Ally

    Wow – does Bill Stewart have any idea what he’s gotten himself into? He seems like such a nice guy & a blind loyalist. My money’s on him getting screwed royally in the end.

    This is becoming more drama-filled than even the Ark v. Nutt soap opera.


  3. So Hillary, that must mean that Bill Stewart is going to triumphantly march into every half-assed Mid Major & Division IIA team’s stadium and single-handedly destroy them all, spreading the gospel of democra… ahem… Big East Football.

    Wearing nothing but his trusty and uber-sexy WVU track suit, four games into the season, he will fly his A-10 Thunderbolt to the highest peak in West Virginia, planting Dave Wannstedt’s head on a stick atop Spruce Mountain, procliaming “Mission Accomplished” for all to see…

    …then still get beat by Pitt.

    BTW: While I do think that they probably had their mind made up with BS after the bowl win, to dismiss that there could EVER be “GASP!” racism in the forward thinking state of “GASP!” WEST FREAKIN’ VIRGINIA is the epitome of ignorance. I guess some things WON’T ever change. Happy MLK day!

    Oh yeah, and RR is about as much a minority as I am a gangsta’ rapper.