“What sport do you think I play?”

I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t laugh at this stuff – and I know that Mark Richt doesn’t – but the details of Fred Munzenmaier’s arrest this weekend are somewhat comical:

… Munzenmaier was arrested after an officer patrolling Milledge Avenue near its intersection with Dearing Street about 3 a.m. noticed him stepping into the street waving his arms. The officer slammed on his brakes to avoid running over him, according to the incident report, and asked for his ID.

The officer noticed a strong smell of alcohol.

Munzenmaier told the officer he thought the police car was a taxi.

After the comment about losing two games, the officer asked Munzenmaier what sport he played.

“Look at me,” the 6-foot-1, 225-pound Duluth native said, according the report. “What sport do you think I play?”

Munzenmaier told the officer it was obvious that “we” have it “out for them,” according to the report, and that police have a point system for athletes. The officer told Munzenmaier he had no idea that he was an athlete when he stopped his vehicle, nor did he care. Munzenmaier later used an expletive to tell the officer to shut his mouth because he didn’t want to make small talk, according to the report.

No doubt it could have been worse. Sarcasm is usually not the best strategy with an arresting cop in the wee small hours of the morning.



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5 responses to ““What sport do you think I play?”

  1. dean

    Been there, done that and it ain’t fun. Something about being young and indestructible makes you think you can be a smart a$$ to police because they’re arresting you (for no good reason).


  2. Brandon

    If he stepped in front of a car on Milledge @ 3AM, he’s lucky he only got arrested. This is also the wrong way to get attention from the coaches if he’s trying to get on the field more. Don’t act so DUMB.


  3. DirkDawggler

    I don’t blame Fred. I did the same thing once, except it was a church van.


  4. Dr. Thomas Johnson

    Personally, I hope that the young man enters re-hab and sits out at least a year until he can (hopefully) get his life together. I’m afraid that his problems go much further than just a collegiate lack of judgement. Also, I would like to see Baldwin suspended for the season. I was hit by a drunk driver and hospitalized while losing a close family member.


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