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Chivalry and college football?

I’m listening to a college football call-in show (The Sports Tap) that has the hosts debating the question of whether chivalry is dead in college football. Now when I hear them first pitch the question, I’m thinking this could be a target rich environment.

Then I hear the example that set off the debate: Mark Richt’s hiring of John Lilly. One guy actually suggests that an assistant coach, like any employee, should give his employer two weeks’ notice.

Now there are dozens of retorts I could toss off in response, but let’s just ask one basic question. Why would any head coach in his right mind want to retain a recruiting coordinator in the last two weeks of recruiting season when that assistant accepts a job at another school? I mean either you have to announce the move to all your recruits, which opens up a whole set of questions, or you lie about the move to them. Now that’s chivalrous.

These guys seem really hung up on “what’s the rush?” with regard to the hire, and maybe I’d give that query some credibility… if they raised the same question about WVU’s hire of Johnson that opened up the slot in the first place, or UT’s hire of Stan Drayton, or… well, you get the idea.

Must be a slow night for these guys.


UPDATE:  A different, saner perspective on Lilly’s decision to leave FSU is here.



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I bet Thom Brennaman calls him “Nomar”.

So Omar Hunter commits to the Gators. The timing is a bit interesting, in that it comes after the news of John Lilly becoming the new TE coach in Athens – which in turn seems to have firmed up Dwayne Allen’s verbal commitment to Georgia. I wonder if the coaches might have been hedging their bets with Allen’s slot and then let Hunter know there wasn’t a place for him in Athens. We’ll just have to wait and see.

By the way, while you’re checking out the AJ-C story on Hunter, don’t miss Chip Towers’ blog on the recent arrests of Munzenmaier and Baldwin. “No need to fret”, Chip? He sure has loosened up since Stafford hoisted a keg last summer.


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A college football potpourri

Here are a few things to sniff this morning:

  • Think UCLA QB Ben Olson’s excited about his new offensive coordinator?  Next it’ll be chocolates.
  • Speaking of college quarterbacks, if you’re one who wants to play on Sundays, maybe that spead option attack isn’t the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Personally, I think Tim Tebow would make a great NFL fullback.
  • Another case is made for an undefeated school that didn’t get a shot at the BCS.  I feel your pain, brother.  Hold your head high.
  • Whoa, Nellie!  Sure, you can read his criticism of the officiating in the Texas-USC title game, but could anybody else have described his golf game the way Keith Jackson does?  (h/t The Wizard of Odds)

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