Tech beefs up its ’08 schedule.

Hey, it worked for Hawaii.

Now Georgia Tech faces the likelihood that it will have two Division I-AA teams on its non-conference schedule. The Yellow Jackets open on Aug. 30 against Jacksonville State and are expected to announce another I-AA opponent late this week or early next week. If Tech is forced to schedule a second I-AA opponent, it is going to have to go 7-5 against a schedule that includes home games against FSU, Miami and Mississippi State, and on the road against Clemson, Virginia Tech and Georgia.

“It’s tough on our season-ticket holders but when somebody pulls out of a contract that late your options are really limited,” Wayne Hogan, Tech’s associate athletics director, said.

Amazingly, it looks like two or three other ACC schools will be doing the same thing.  Way to pump up that conference SOS, fellas!



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5 responses to “Tech beefs up its ’08 schedule.

  1. CoolerCzar

    Pathetic. I think there are some Atlanta area high schools they could schedule that would be more entertaining.

    On an unrelated note, anyone know what is up with Groo’s site?


  2. I didn’t notice a problem.


  3. Barry

    Once again, it all comes down to money. GTU athletics is broke; with the payouts for Chan and the new coach, as well as the possible buy-out for Coach Hewitt, only a game with I-AA directional state is affordable.

    My suggestion to the NATS: withdraw from 1-A football, schedule three 1-A road games, keep the game with UGA and join a 1-AA conference. GTU will save scholarship and recruiting expenses, make extra money by playing 1-A road games, and will still win seven (maybe even eight!) games each year. Best of all, they’ll have the luxury of bragging about having one of the largest stadiums in 1-AA football and, perhaps, the highest attendance.


  4. Czar…my hosting service upgraded me to a better server, and it takes the info a while to trickle down through some interweb pipes. I’m on Charter here in ATL, and it took them until today to sort it out.

    Barry has a good point…if you’re going to keep adding 1-AA opponents, why not just go all the way to a place where you know Paul Johnson can be dominant.


  5. That’s why they call the ACC the “Almost Competitive Conference.”