“Well, coach, this is just the landscape of college football now.”

As we shed crocodile tears over the death of chivalry in college football, as we listen to coaches like Charlie Weis pontificate about all that is sacred in a kid’s verbal commitment… perhaps it would be wise to keep this story in mind.

What really gets me about this kid’s plight is that weasels like Orsini who insist that the new coach has the last say in situations like this will be the first to proclaim piously that kids shouldn’t have the unfettered right to leave a program when their head coach departs, because, after all, those kids made a commitment to the school, not the coach.

But at least Orsini wished him the best.  I’m sure that’s a comfort.

(h/t The Wizard of Odds)


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One response to ““Well, coach, this is just the landscape of college football now.”

  1. Max Coventry

    It’s a shame, but one thing stands out. The reason he can’t go elsewhere is that all those other schools ARE respecting their commitments and are thus full. (Or he is really bad and no one wants him, including the team he wants to commit to??)

    It sounds tough for him, but it is actually relatively unusual, which is why it is a story.