“It’s disappointing to hear that a judge would be doing something like that.”

Hey, University of Illinois, want to find a way to piss off your fanbase?

This looks pretty solid.

You know everything has to be on the up and up when a judge says this…

“I would never knowingly or purposely do anything to harm or compromise my professional or personal integrity, or that of the court where I have had the honor to serve the past 19-plus years,” Flannell wrote in an e-mail to the Tribune.

Mistakes were made, though.

“It was my error to list the street address of the courthouse when the account was set up,” Flannell said. “I have taken steps to change that.”

And the University’s level of concern is duly noted.

“Once we sold the tickets,” said U. of I. associate athletic director Shawn Wax, “what a person does with those tickets is entirely up to them.”


UPDATE: The inevitable spin – he’s doing it for the kids.

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