Random SEC stuff

  • Georgia love is turning up in unexpected places:  former UT QB (I still hate him for that ’92 game) and current Congressman Heath Shuler has much praise for the Dawgs’ chances in ’08.
  • Rivals‘ first six questions of the Top 25 questions for 2008 season are SEC related.
  • Former Georgia QB Mike Usry:  stupid or ruthless?  You decide.
  • From yesterday’s Be Our Defensive Coordinator For A Day sweepstakes, Ellis Johnson gets off the understatement of the week:

“He was disappointed, but Coach Petrino handled it with class,” Johnson said. “He’s been in this profession long enough to understand these things. He’s been through a tough, demanding change himself recently.”



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9 responses to “Random SEC stuff

  1. scdawg

    I’m gonna say stupid and ruthless. Handcuffs and a fake badge? I think it’s pretty obvious what he sent those guys over there to do.


  2. mike

    what do you think about this assessment of Harrick? sounds about right to me. http://deadguysecpicks.blogspot.com/2008/01/5-worst-sec-coaching-hires-since-1990.html


  3. Yeah, I saw that list.

    Can’t say that I agree with everything there (Dubose doesn’t make the top 5, and Price does?), but I’ll certainly state for the record that Harrick was the worst coaching hire UGA’s ever made.


  4. Stupid. Just plain stupid.


  5. FairRecruiting Now

    Here is a link only for documented misdeeds and transgressions of Florida coach Urban Meyer:



  6. SonuvaDawg

    regarding Spurrier’s hire- I love this quote from the article

    “In short, Petrino’s karma ran over his own dogma. ”



  7. dean

    In my opinion Petrino and class should not be used in ths same sentence.


  8. dean

    Shuler for President in ’12!