SEC conventional wisdom, 2008 edition

I did this last year. It’s one brief last look back at the past season for the conference based on my personal perspective of what I heard and saw in the media and from fans.



  • Preseason: Defending national champs rule! The young defense doesn’t matter.
  • Midseason: Tebow is Superman. The young defense doesn’t matter.
  • End of season: How ’bout that Heisman.


  • Preseason: Can you win nine games in the SEC without an offensive line?
  • Midseason: Please, God, not again.
  • End of season: What got into these guys? And will it get into them again next year?


  • Preseason: This could be the year.
  • Midseason: Down goes LSU!
  • End of season: This wasn’t the year.

South Carolina

  • Preseason: Spurrier’s a genius.
  • Midseason: Spurrier’s a frickin’ genius.
  • End of season: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


  • Preseason: They should contend for the SEC East title.
  • Midseason: Fulmer sends Richt a thank you box of doughnuts.
  • End of season: When you play in the SECCG despite giving up more points in the conference than you scored, it’s safe to say you’ve gotten a few breaks.


  • Preseason: A bowl game – maybe.
  • Midseason: Is there enough in the tank?
  • End of season: They’ll always have Columbia.



  • Preseason: There’s a new sheriff in town, brotha.
  • Midseason: 8-0, babee!
  • End of season: A lot of money for a one game improvement over Shula.


  • Preseason: MacFadden plus the second weakest schedule for any BCS conference school = 10 wins.
  • Midseason: No Marcus Monk = 8 wins.
  • End of season: Did you hear about the new coach?


  • Preseason: Senior quarterbacks mean good things for Auburn.
  • Midseason: Gator chomp, my ass.
  • End of season: Doing the coordinator shuffle. Again.


  • Preseason: Absolutely loaded. Decent chance to go undefeated.
  • Midseason: You could see it coming.
  • End of season: With a couple of breaks, they get over the hump. When healthy, the nation’s best team.


  • Preseason: Coach O can recruit, but can he coach?
  • Midseason: Coach O can recruit, but can he coach?
  • End of season: No.

Mississippi State

  • Preseason: That’s one bad looking offense.
  • Midseason: Don’t turn the ball over to this team, or you’ll pay for it.
  • End of season: The man can coach a little.


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6 responses to “SEC conventional wisdom, 2008 edition

  1. Absolutely perfect. I’m reading this from my phone since I’m not allowed to on the office computer, so I’m sure the “lol” moments are going to raise some eyebrows over here.

    Great post. I’m forgoing a post-season breakdown, linking this up, and taking the rest of the week off.



  2. I particularly liked Ole Miss’s. Even if Houston Nutt pulls them back into bowl contention — and he probably will — the decision to dump Cutcliffe after one bad season will, and should, deserve to go down in history as one of college football’s all-time horrendous decisions.


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  4. SonuvaDawg

    Here’s an alternate for Sc’s list: “It’s not like they’re some big powerful team- they got beat by Vandy… ”

    good stuff!


  5. JasonC

    I thought SC’s was classic, but I wanted to make an amendment to on of Tenn’s:
    “Midseason: Fulmer sends Richt a thank you box of doughnuts with 2 bites taken out of one of the doughnuts.”