The versatility of the scooter

At Georgia, they’re good for getting you arrested.

At South Carolina, they’re car targets.

Ah, but in Gainesville, it’s what you use when you’re tired of flying.

Helmet? Superman don’t need no stinkin’ helmet.

(h/t Busted Coverage)



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3 responses to “The versatility of the scooter

  1. dean

    I guess the cape is at the cleaners.
    How did students get around campus before scooters? What ever happenend to walking to class? You don’t get arrested for walking with a suspended licnese.


  2. Seriously…when I was at UGA, I had a noon class on the opposite side of the campus from my previous one. If the first class dismissed just in time, I could fight for a spot on a packed bus and ‘might’ make it in time.

    If not, I walked/ran the mile to class, arrived a little late, and about 3 pounds lighter from sweating.

    Oh…and it was uphill both ways!…in the snow…


  3. Is it me or does he look a little like Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) from Karate Kid?