2008 SEC schedules

Steele also has the ’08 schedules posted at his site. You can see the SEC’s current list here.

A few observations:

  • Florida, Georgia and Vanderbilt each scheduled two OOC games against BCS conference schools. Only one SEC school didn’t schedule any: LSU.
  • ‘Bama is still looking for a game. Arkansas is still looking for two games.
  • Toughest conference road slates? Georgia’s and Mississippi’s. Easiest? Florida’s.
  • No school has an off week before playing Georgia. Georgia and Florida both have off weeks before playing Tennessee.
  • Five 1-AA schools appear as conference opponents.


UPDATE: Per Kevin at fanblogs.com, Arkansas has added two games with Western Illinois and Louisiana-Monroe. Alabama has added a game with Arkansas State. All are obviously home games.


UPDATE #2:  Scratch the UK-Temple game from the list.



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5 responses to “2008 SEC schedules

  1. dean

    “No school has an off week before playing Georgia.”
    That’s encouraging. Makes me feel a little better about that Vandy, UT, LSU, UF, AU and UK stretch.


  2. Jim from Duluth

    Is the LSU schedule final? According to a Barnhart article in the AJC last week, ESPN was supposedly helping LSU fill its open slot on 9/13. And neither LSU or La. Tech have a game that date (as of now) per their official websites.

    It does help that none of our opponents have an open date in front of us this year.


  3. Jim, you’re right about that LSU/La. Tech game not appearing on the schedules posted at either school’s website. But Kevin at fanblogs.com has it listed in his scheduling posts today, so I’m not sure what’s going on. It’ll sort itself out at some point in time, I guess.

    As for Georgia and open dates, I have this weird little feeling that we may wind up being glad there was an open date the week before Tech, so that Martinez has an extra week to get his charges ready for their first taste of Paul Johnson’s offense.


  4. Chris

    Everybody is filled up with the exception of LSU. Chances are that they will rival Vandy and Ole Miss for most pathetic OOC schedule.

    As for toughest road games…..UGA and Bama with UT a close 3rd.


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