“In the end, it was all about 66 collegiate wins.”

If you want to know why Rick Neuheisel makes some folks cringe, read this and this. Nauseating stuff.


UPDATE:  Another story, if you can stomach it.


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4 responses to ““In the end, it was all about 66 collegiate wins.”

  1. Ally

    Good Lord, I just thought he was a weasel and liked to gamble.

    I know the touting of CMR & the staff’s moral compass gets tossed around a lot in and outside of bulldawg nation and some think we’re a little self-righteous, but…. its articles like those that remind me of just how proud and thankful I am for the leadership we have at UGA.


  2. HVLDawg

    Hey Dink, Do you think someone like Coach Neuheisel would accept your innovative pay scheme?


  3. dean

    Good lord!! I couldn’t even finish reading the article in fear of losing my breakfast. Didn’t he also get run out of Colorado for unethical behavior? And now he’s in L.A.! We could see the opening scene from “The Last Boyscout” play out in real life. OK, that’s a little extreme but still.


  4. Tenn_Dawg

    I second that Ally. For all the abuse CMR gets from rival fans, with their walk on water comments and such, he has been 100% consistent with his punishment for players transgressions.