One man’s meat…

The Wizard of Odds has his promised Classless Acts of 2007 up and undoubtedly validates the hurt feelings of countless Gator fans by including the Celebration on his list.  (He does have an interesting thought about what would have happened if the TD call had been reviewed and reversed, though.)

My favorite thing there has to be this quote from Michigan OT Jake Long:

7. Mark Dantonio, Michigan State: After Dantonio was named coach on Nov. 27, 2006, he installed a clock in the Spartan practice facility that counted down the seconds until the Michigan game. “At least they’ll be on time for the game,” Michigan left tackle Jake Long remarked.

Feel free to check all nine acts and cast your vote.


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6 responses to “One man’s meat…

  1. LD

    I think the Gundy, Glenn, Richt and Dantonio options aren’t that egregious. They fall far more into the category of “motivate” rather than “stick it to”, at least in my view. Especially the Glenn selection. Dude said his team was going to win – and I don’t really have a problem with that. In my view, if a team tries an onside kick when up 43-0, they deserve more than just the finger. And “they started it” is a weak argument coming from a 3 year old.

    The reviewable issue for the celebration isn’t new – I think even Gary Danielson brought it up at the time of the penalty.

    Schiano/Rutgers for the Navy chants and RUTS against a 1-AA opponent looks worst to me.


  2. Ally

    Still don’t get how you can call what the dawgs did at Florida classless, especially considering the fact that gaytors coined the phrase, but whatever.

    Its a toss-up between Schiano and Franchione, imo w/ Fran getting the trophy. And Mike Leach…classless: yes, hysterical: absolutely!


  3. I know this didn’t involve a coach directly, but if I had a say in what made the list, it would have included Georgia Tech’s upgrade to the men’s urinals at BDS.


  4. dean

    I can (almost) understand how the celebration may appear classless from the outside looking in but to refer to it as bush league, please. Say what you will about the recovered fumble in the Vandy game but the celebration at UF turned the season around (in my mind). The DAWGS were a completely different team after that day.
    The look on Superman’s face is still priceless.


  5. Will

    I’ve actually never understood why Florida fans were so pissed about the Celebration to begin with. When you think about it for a second, it should really be considered a compliment. They’d owned our asses for so long that we were ecstatic to get the first touchdown against them. I wonder how the tenor of the discussion about the Celebration would have changed had we lost?


  6. Hobnail_Boot

    Honestly, I don’t find a single thing on that list classless. Guess that makes me classless.. or just means I have a sense of humor.