Save a seat for me, please.

From the “dang, that didn’t take long” department: Georgia has its first verbal commitments for the class of 2009.

I guess the message from the Sanders and Hunter sagas has gotten out.


UPDATE: It certainly has.

“I didn’t want anybody to take my spot,” Vasser said.

To that end, Vasser had a deal with Georgia: He wanted to know the second any other linebacker committed to the Bulldogs. He knew Georgia was going to take only two linebackers in the class of 2009, and he wanted to make sure he was one of those two.

“When I heard [Dexter] Moody committed early today, I called up Coach (John) Jancek and told him I was committed,” Vasser said. “I wasn’t even going to wait for him to call me.”


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  1. dean

    Once again, love the title.
    I like the size of both these guys. The Ealey kid looks like he could still put on a couple of pounds. At 6′ and 195 already, he could be a beast. Maybe they can put him on the Logan Gray work out. Get him up to about 210 while maintaining that 4.45 speed…. I’ve got to stop ’cause I’m salivating on my keyboard.