You don’t write, you don’t call…

There’s at least one kid we can safely say committed to a program, not the coach.



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  1. dean

    “I think we’re a couple of players away from doing some good things at South Carolina,” Simmons said
    They’ve been a couple of players away from doing some good things at SC since they started playing football, but just wait ’til next year.


  2. “I think we’re a couple of players away from doing some good things at South Carolina,”

    Actually that’s true. Unfortunately, for the Gamecocks those players are named Joe Montana, Barry Sanders, Reggie White and Charles Woodson.


  3. Perhaps Clifton Geathers was Mr. Simmons’ host on his official visit to Columbia.


  4. The Dean

    At least he has the right attitude for playing there.


  5. The Cocks’ constant claims that they’re “only a couple of players away” kind of reminds me of a sign I saw at Hooters one time: In big letters it said “FREE FOOD,” and then in tiny letters beneath that it said “(tomorrow).”


  6. peacedog

    I hear Bill Brasky has eligibility left, and will be anchoring the DL this year.


  7. It was 2007 or bust for South Carolina, I’m afraid. The window to win the SEC East has come and gone.


  8. VW

    Funny, they had plenty of players in Athens this year.


  9. dean

    Hey VW nobody is saying the chickens aren’t or won’t be competitive. We’re saying they are far from just a few players away from doing some good things (ie. win the east, the SEC, compete for a MNC). Yes, Carolina won in Athens last year. Congratulations! But so did Vandy in ’06. Point being you’re not going beat a team every year in the SEC. Occasionally the lesser team out plays the better team and wins. Happens every year at some point. With all of that said Carolina should consider themselves lucky they played the DAWGS the 2nd game of the year instead of say the 10th. We are all aware of the directions both programs were headed at that point of the season.


  10. VW-

    South Carolina football : Georgia football ::
    Florida State basketball : Duke basketball

    FSU routinely hangs with Duke, even beating them on occasion. And then the rest of the season happens, and that’s that.


  11. The Gamecocks have beaten UGA three times in the past 10 seasons. ’07, ’01 and ’00.

    So, basically they are our Eastern version of Georgia Tech. Only without the math skills, DragonCon or cheerleaders with Adams Apples.