This is why they paid him the big bucks.

Recruiting insight from Danny Ford“… you can’t coach people who can’t play. You just can’t.”

It’s hard to believe that someone capable of spouting wisdom like that is stuck on a farm in some god-forsaken place in South Carolina.

It’s even harder to believe that someone thought this was worth wasting a newspaper article on.



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2 responses to “This is why they paid him the big bucks.

  1. Ally

    I grew up in Greenville during the 80’s when Ford was King of Clemscum. Good God, their fans were a thousand time more obnoxious then they are now – hard to believe I know.
    What’s amazing to me is that he’s been gone for what 20 years, yet they’d hire him back today in a heartbeat. And, I can see why, they haven’t experienced success since he left.
    Even though he comes off as dumber than a bag of hammers, he’ll always be considered their version of Bear Bryant. Stay tuned, more articles will follow…I can assure you.


  2. dean

    I grew up in the great town of Pickens, less than 20 minutes from Clemson, during the same time. All you heard was Danny Ford this and Danny Ford that. I guess rightfully so because they were a consistently tough football team.
    I have met Danny Ford on many occasions and he’s truly a good guy. He’s very down to earth. He just a good ol’ boy as we say in the south. Like most people from the south he’s perceived as dumb because he talks slow and with a draw.