Richt on recruiting

There’s an interview with Mark Richt about recruiting at (h/t Dawgbone) that’s got a couple of interesting quotes regarding early commitments.

On early commitments…

“It’s the way things are going now. You can hardly keep it from happening. High school coaches and players are visiting more. A lot of parents are taking young men on that tour in the summers. They are trying to target the schools they are interested in and maybe doing a day’s worth of camp or maybe just visiting people and getting to know them. There are a lot of unofficial visits going on in the summer now. So we do know more about these guys faster than we used to. I think the access to video is just so much better than it used to be. We certainly have great relationships with our high school coaches across the state and in areas out of state. When you begin a cycle of getting your class wrapped up relatively early, at this time of the year you spend a lot more time with junior recruiting. It used to be that in the spring you go evaluate the juniors. Now everybody is evaluating juniors right now. It’s not just us.”

On the detriment of recruiting too early…

“The biggest problem I see is trying to see the entire pool of athletes at any one position before you start targeting them. Let’s say there are ten out there at a certain position. You might have enough time to evaluate the first five and you think all those guys are worthy of an offer because you think they can all get the job done, but you haven’t seen the other five yet. Sometimes you can get a bunch of guys committed before you see the pool. When we do offer a young man this time of year, I’ll tell the staff let’s be certain that if we offer this young man and he commits that we are going to be excited about it. We are not throwing out as many offers as some other schools because we do want to see the pool. There are some guys who we feel strongly enough about to offer early. You don’t want to offer until you feel very confident that he is the type of player, person and student that you want.”

Keep that in mind with the announcement that Georgia just received its fourth verbal commitment for the class of 2009.


UPDATE:  Make it five.  At this rate, they may be done before spring practice.

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