Bits and pieces

Just a few random tidbits as we approach Signing Day:

  • Jacksonville wonders why Mark Richt doesn’t show its high schoolers as much love as some other schools do.
  • Some coaches want to close the borders to their states to recruit successfully. Miami’s Randy Shannon doesn’t have to go that far, based on the high school talent available in South Florida.
  • Former Georgia commit Vince Faison got into a little trouble in Knoxville. But at least it wasn’t underaged drinking.
  • Bump.
  • The Honolulu Star Bulletin looks back at Hawaii’s season. In case you were wondering, it didn’t end well.
  • Who rates the raters?
  • Once you get past the red velvet cake and the pigs’ feet, there’s a pretty good story about Papa Bowden getting the last word in this article:

Terry Bowden got to do something not every son does: compete with his father.

In 1993, he and his brother Tommy, who was working for him at Auburn, were working on a player named Louis Battles. So was Bobby Bowden, for Florida State.

“Me and Tommy talked about how old he was,” said Terry Bowden, who now writes for and co-hosts a radio show on Sirius. “We said ‘By the time you are a junior, my Dad will be 65. When you want a recommendation, you won’t know what golf course my Dad will be on.'”

The next night, Bobby paid his official visit.

Battles’ high school coach told the FSU coach what the sons had said about his “imminent” retirement.

“Son, I promise you one thing,” Bobby told Battles. “I’ll be at Florida State longer than Terry will be at Auburn.”

By 10 years, and counting.

“He was very prophetic,” Terry said.


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  1. So does that mean Faison is a 27 year old frosh?