Only his hairdresser knows for sure.

From the Urban Dictionary:

red headed stepchild
144 up, 22 down
A child who is obviously not your own, a child who is treated worse than other children in the family

I beat him like a red headed stepchild.

From the Memphis Commercial Appeal:

When the presidents and chancellors of the 12 Southeastern Conference schools convened at the annual league meetings late last May in Destin, Fla., they concluded they wouldn’t support a football playoff.

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive then asked Ole Miss Chancellor Robert Khayat to continue to study the playoff question. That’s why Khayat, who was in Memphis on Thursday to accept the AutoZone Liberty Bowl’s Distinguished Citizen Award during a private function at The Peabody, was surprised when Georgia President Michael Adams began spouting in early January that he favored an eight-team playoff.

“I was surprised,” Khayat said. “But Mississippi-born author William Alexander Percy once wrote that red-headed people have hot tempers and they can’t do anything about it. Mike Adams, at one point in his life, had red hair. He was really ticked that Georgia wasn’t in the BCS game, and he called me before he said what he said publicly. We talked about a playoff in May, and we said we weren’t interested in a playoff. But we might be interested in a plus-one (determining the best two teams after the BCS bowls are played and having those two teams play for the national championship). I love and respect Mike Adams, but I think his emotions got the best of him and he fired it off in a hurry. He won’t get support from any of the SEC presidents on the model he proposed…

I’m not sure what else you can add after a comment like that.  Well, maybe one thing.  Adams has already inserted himself into one BCS title celebration with the timing of his proposal.  If a year from now it should come to pass that Georgia pulls off the stunner and wins a BCS title game, how much of a distraction do you think Adams will be at that time?

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