It’s inevitable if you think about it.

Particularly in the wake of the articles in the Seattle Times about his 2000 University of Washington team, it’s no surprise that the cheap shots are beginning to fly Rick Neuheisel’s way.

There are two excellent ones in this post at The Wizard of Odds.   First, in reporting that RN was in attendance at the recent UCLA-Arizona basketball game, The Wiz notes that

Although he introduced defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker and offensive coordinator Norm Chow, one has to think he was merely in the house to scout the Bruins and Wildcats so he can properly seed the teams in his NCAA tournament pool.

Then he goes on to quote a sportswriter who had this to say about Neuheisel:

“Great school, beautiful, and probably on probation in 2012. There’s no way I’d let my son play football for him. Because I know he probably won’t be in 4 years.”

Cruel stuff?  Maybe.  But coach and school better get used to it.  They’ll hear much worse on the recruiting trail in the years to come.

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