Not something you hear every day.

From an AJ-C story today about early commitments:

… Finally in December, Florida State made an offer. Turner turned them down.

“They wanted me to grayshirt and come in January of 2009,” Turner said.

In other words, he would graduate ECI, not play football in the fall of 2008 or be with the team and be the first recruit of the 2009 class for the Seminoles.

Turner didn’t want to wait and accepted an offer from Division I-AA Appalachian State, the three-time defending national champs.

“I didn’t want to wait to play,” Turner said. “And I wanted to be at a place that plays for titles.”




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2 responses to “Not something you hear every day.

  1. kckd

    Boy, have times changed. I remember back when I was in highschool in the late 80’s early 90’s that all the kids loved FSU and other schools. Weren’t big fans of UGA because we weren’t a big time school. One of our guys went to play for the turds. A middle georgia high school sending a player to UF. Unthinkable, but that was the way it was. No one thought they could win anything besides a minor bowl game at UGA.

    What Richt has done the previous six to seven years is get these in state kids to become UGA fans because we are among the best in the nation. Notice that everyone of those five that committed to us are pretty much UGA fans and UGA is their dream school.


  2. I read one of Georgia’s recent commitments said that he became a Georgia fan around the 6th grade. Unless you’ve been dressed in red and black from birth, that’s a pretty usual time to start figuring things out.

    When was this upcoming 2009 class in grade 6? 2002-2003 (feel old now?). We’re getting nearly to the point where Georgia football before Mark Richt is ancient history for these kids.