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Three articles (h/t The Wizard of Odds) worth a peek:

  • You don’t see this too often (mainly because most cities these days don’t have competing newspapers), but here’s a columnist at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer going on the attack about the Seattle Times’ articles on the University of Washington’s 2000 football team. Some of the response sounds like picking nits, some of it sounds more like criticism of the cops and prosecutors involved than the paper and some looks valid, but he had me at “You probably expect me to again defend Rick Neuheisel…” Especially “again”…
  • “Saban insists he is not paranoid.” Oh, puh-leeze. Those damned lazy assed coaches! We all know that Saban and Meyer are the only guys that work hard at recruiting.
  • More “kids get their offers pulled for no good reason” stories. Consider these, all you folks who’ve been dumping on Dwayne Allen the past few days. There are always two sides to that coin (that Mike Gundy is a real class act). As Grant Teaff says in that article,

“One of the things the media always does and you make it clear is ‘commitments are non-binding,'” Teaff said. “It is the reality of what it is.

“That doesn’t make it perfect, but it is reality.”


UPDATE: And there’s this one about God and football (or is it football and God?) that’s got one of the more obvious quotes from Steve Spurrier that you’re ever gonna read: “My profession is trying to be a football coach,” Spurrier said. “I don’t think my calling was to be a preacher.” No kidding…

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