“Not sure” is killing women’s pro basketball.

I posted on one of these last year, but there’s another Harris poll out on America’s taste in organized sports. Once again, to nobody’s surprise, pro football rules the roost.

… Three in ten Americans who follow one or more sport (30%) say that professional football is their favorite sport, almost unchanged from last year when 29 percent said it was their favorite. Coming in at second is baseball, as 15 percent say that is their favorite sport, again almost unchanged from last year when it was 14 percent. Not far behind baseball is college football (12%) and auto racing (10%). All other sports are in single digits.

Some of the long term trends are fascinating. Pro basketball post-Jordan has fallen into a rut from which it may never emerge – even pro hockey is more popular at present. And what can you say about women’s sports when the viewing public would rather see horses?

But my favorite part of this is the demographics of the fans. Here’s the chart:


“If you had to choose, which ONE of these sports would you say is your favorite?

Base: All adults who follow more than one sport

Sport   All Adults   Highest   Lowest
  %       %       %
Pro football   30   $50,000-$74,999   39   Hispanics   20
    Those aged 25-29   37   Post graduate   23
    Those 65 and older   35   Liberals   24
    Easterners   34   College graduates   25
Baseball   15   Easterners   21   South   8
    Those 30-39   21   Those 65 and older   9
    Democrats   20   Republicans   13
College Football   12   College graduates   22   Easterners   3
    Southerners   20   African Americans   5
    Republicans   19   $35,000 – $49,999   7
Auto Racing   10   Those aged 30-39   14   Hispanics   1
    Southerners   13   Those aged 18-24   4
    Conservatives   13   College graduates   5

Man, talk about your cliché goldmine. Except for Republicans not liking baseball so much. Maybe it’s just their way of rejecting W’s past life as an ineffectual head of the Texas Rangers.

And college football fans: white, Southern, Republican. Who knew? At least we’re educated.

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