Dwayne Allen’s fat lady.

She may not be warbling yet. Ching is reporting there may be some last minute drama with Georgia’s class.


UPDATE: She done sung, in the key of orange. Best of luck, keed.


UPDATE #2: Maybe Mark Richt knows a fat lady himself.


UPDATE #3: Dawg fans, you won’t want to miss this.

Which in-coming freshman will have the biggest impact in the coming future? Is there another Knowshon Moreno out there ready to make an early impact? It might be too early to tell, but we’ll be talking about that and more all day long on Wednesday. Don’t miss your chance to chat with some of college football’s future campus heroes! And when we’re not chatting with the recruits, we’ll bring in some of our Scouts Inc. guys to take all your questions!

Wednesday’s Schedule:

3:00 p.m.Dwayne Allen – TE (Georgia)


UPDATE #4:  Westerdawg takes stock of Georgia’s life without Allen.   It’s not an earth shattering loss, although you have to figure the coaches really liked this kid, considering what they were willing to put up with, but we won’t know the full story until we see who the open slot gets filled by.


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17 responses to “Dwayne Allen’s fat lady.

  1. scdawg

    This is just hilarious. Sums up Gamecock Nation so well.


  2. JasonC

    1. I can’t even remember a big time TE that Clemson had.
    2. I think Allen just likes attention and drama.


  3. The Gators lost two today.

    10:25 a.m.: Florida has received 17 letters of intent. As reported earlier, not among them is Ramon Buchanan, who will sign with Miami, and Ricky Barnum (Lakeland, Fla./Lake Gibson), who will sign with Michigan.

    If I’m not mistaken, Barnum is the kid that cost Zebrie Sanders his slot with the Gators.

    Funny how things work out sometimes.


  4. Tenn_Dawg

    There was some concern about Hunter but a Gator friend just told me that his letter is now in. What does UGA do if Allen does in fact go to Clemson.


  5. Tenn_Dawg

    Crap!!!!! Ching just reported that Allen signed with Clemmins!!!!! What does UGA do if anything?


  6. TD, I hear this guy hasn’t signed yet. 😉


  7. Tenn_Dawg

    That is funny Senator!! Now seriously what does UGA do if anything? Has Z. Sanders sent his LOI yet? If UGA could get him then I would say it worked out for the better. Too bad D. Allen does not have any Clemson TEs in the league that can mentor him verus the six Dawg mentors he could have had.


  8. Seriously, I’d guess they just hold it for next year at this point. Next year’s class is expected to be fairly small.


  9. Barry


    Please delete the Dwayne Allen quote below your header.

    Sure the kid has the right to change his mind but, frankly, he took advantage of the coaching staff. Richt may be “evil” but he was too kind in his dealings with this kid.

    Then again, there may be such a thing as “football karma”. Maybe the Dawgs will pick up someone better.


  10. scdawg

    Allen’s committment seemed for sure until our TE coach left. You can’t call this kid out if the position coach (who recruited him) leaves to go elsewhere. I would have looked around, too.

    Just wish him luck and we’ll sign a TE next year. Remember we’ve still got NaDerris and Figgins for 2009–we’ll be fine.


  11. dean

    Yes you can call out Allen. He reconfirmed his commitment a couple of days ago to CMR therefore causing a scholarship to be held for him. This scholarship could have been offered to Sanders or Hunter or another kid on the radar. It may or may not have made a difference but we’ll never know because Allen didn’t give the coaches the chance.
    He wanted to look around after the TE coach left, fine. I don’t have a problem with that. But don’t say you’re committed to a program when you’re not.


  12. SJS

    Wow, what a great guy:

    Michael (Cedartown,GA): Dwayne why did you change to Clemson and how hard was it to pick your school of choice? Monday you announced you were going to UGA so why the sudden change?

    Dwayne Allen: (3:03 PM ET ) Not very hard. I sat down and followed my heart instead of my mind. Clemson is a great place and it’s unique to Clemson people, like myself.

    Taylor(Athens Georgia): UGA has produced numerous NFL TE’s, so why the sudden change?

    Dwayne Allen: (3:08 PM ET ) That was one of the reasons that I was interested in Georgia. Everyone talks about Georgia’s tradition of developing TEs. I plan on making Clemson’s tradition of TEs start with me.


  13. scdawg

    Dean, I see your point, but we’ve known since the TE coach left that he’s been looking around. That’s been several weeks. I think Richt did the right thing in not pulling his scholarship while he was looking. I wish Allen wouldn’t have recommitted a few days ago, but hadn’t we already turned folks away before he recommitted? Maybe we could have gotten another guy, maybe not

    But, he’s an 18 year old kid. Stuff happens. It says a lot about how good a class we have and how good the current players are that I’m just not that worried about it.

    Also, is his HS coach Daniel Inman’s dad?


  14. Also, is his HS coach Daniel Inman’s dad?



  15. dean

    “Maybe we could have gotten another guy, maybe not” That’s kinda my point. We don’t know if we could have gotten another player or not because Allen hung us out to dry so to speak. I’m not upset with the kid because he choose Clem[p]son. I just didn’t like the way he handled the situation. I also understand he’s only 18. However 18 is considered an adult in this country and he should have handled the situation like one. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not wishing any type of ill will toward the kid. I hope he has a successful collegiate and professional career.
    At least we can use the scholarship next year. We’re gonna need it.
    If I’m not mistaken this happened to us a couple of years ago with the Greenlee kid who signed with Florida St. on signing day.


  16. Ally

    Dean – Amen!
    Yeah Greenlee defected last year on signing day too- luckily we had a ship available for Chris Little to jump on.
    What is it about us getting screwed by the Bowdens on signing day? God help us if Terry gets back in the coaching game next season.


  17. dean

    Thanks Ally. Was it last year when Greenlee defected? Man how time flies.
    I recently read your blog and found very well written and entertaining. I know you don’t know me from Adam but I am very sorry for the loss of your father.