He hate me, part deux.

One thing you’ve got to say about Tech’s incoming quarterbacks:  they’re getting the hang of obsessing about Georgia early.

Maybe Paul Johnson can bring “Dog” in for a pre-game pep talk this year.  At least as long as that doesn’t involve counting.


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2 responses to “He hate me, part deux.

  1. 81Dog

    It’s just Georgia, dog. Georgia’s Georgia.

    Reggie couldnt even count to 4. How do you expect him to understand the significance of Tech losing 8 in a row to UGA in the fall of 2008, when he thinks he only lost 3 in a row there himself?

    Tech’s new signee hates us? Big deal. So did Keith Brooking (0-4). So did Phillip Wheeler. (0-4). So did lots of other nerd footballers who never beat us. He’ll hate us more 4 years from now, when the streak hits 12.


  2. I believe THIS is the most telling sentence in that article.

    “…sporting a purple tie his dad bought Tuesday night, inked with North Alabama.”