He’s used to it.

The AJ-C’s summary of Georgia Tech’s Signing Day contained this interesting side note:

… Tech will still be well below the NCAA maximum of 85 next fall. About 58 players are on scholarship now, Johnson said.

That ought to take Johnson back to the good ol’ days at Georgia Southern.

One potential plus is that, with Georgia being limited in the number of scholarships it can offer the class of 2009, Tech should be able to make some hay with in state recruiting in the next year.


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2 responses to “He’s used to it.

  1. peacedog

    Wow, Tech is going to be ~8 schollies short, that’s surprising. And did I read that total includes some walk-ons just given ships?

    The first class is never where a coach wants it to be, either (well, I have limited anecdotal evidence to support that, mostly paying attention to the Dawgs and the occasional neighbor).

    Bad start for the Johnson era?


  2. 81Dog

    I guess there’s a limit to how many 2 star studs even a smooth operator like Paul Johnson can poach from Furman, Memphis and MTSU.

    Or, maybe the answer is that the same guy who counted up the seats in the Joke By Coke counted up the schollies. Or the guy who totalled up GPAs in the late 90s and figured out all those ineligble players were really eligible. Or, maybe Reggie BaLLLL counted them.

    For a school full of engineers, Tech people sure are bad with football related math.