NSD recap: was it good for you too?

Dwayne Allen’s change of heart aside, this was about as smooth and productive a Signing Day as a Georgia fan (or coach, presumably) could ask for.

Ching does his usual excellent job filling in the gaps with some general notes and a Q & A with Coach Garner. One thing that comes through is that the coaches see a lot of promise in Ben Jones. If he manages to pull down the starting center job despite being a true freshman, you’ve got to think he’s gonna be something special.

CFN’s summary is here. No way you guess who they think the star of the class is.

More love for Ben Jones can be found in the AJ-C’s Signing Day summary. Jeff Schultz speaks right kindly about the current status of Georgia’s recruiting prowess, and throws in an interesting story about Richt’s recruitment of Danny Wuerffel, to boot.

Jim Rome is not down with the ping pong thing. At all.

For what it’s worth, the general consensus from the recruiting pundits is that the Dawgs finished top five or six nationally… and third in the SEC (behind ‘Bama and Florida). Tough neighborhood.

A. J. Green is the anti-Dwayne Allen.  And he’s up to 196 pounds now.

And since he’s so impressed with the incoming class that it’s left him speechless, Westerdawg gets the last word.

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  1. dean

    Jim Rome is an idiot and a huge a$$. He also berated Richt for standing up for his team when we got the shaft from the BCS.