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He couldn’t find a purple sport coat?

As fashion statements go, jeez, this is heinous.

Honestly, he’d look better in an Oregon jersey.

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Just beat a Bulldog. Any Bulldog.

When Paul Johnson promised the Georgia Tech faithful that a top priority was to beat the Bulldogs, somehow I doubt they thought he meant these Bulldogs.

It’s part of a relentless effort on Tech’s part to find a Bulldog that the Jackets can defeat. In addition to SIAR, B! with the instate Dawgs, Tech’s taken on Fresno State – and lost – and will play Mississippi State in ’08.

If little ol’ Gardner-Webb doesn’t work out, there are plenty of other schools to take a shot at:

Bulldogs —


UPDATE:  The AJ-C officially confirms Tech’s schedule and without any apparent sarcasm tells us that “Tech has one of the toughest conference schedules in the ACC”.  Oxymoron alert!


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“I’m just going to bring me to the table.”

Tavarres King gets after it.  It sounds like he knows what he’s got to do to see the field sooner.  Great attitude – and he claims to have his weight up from 160 to 172 pounds since he’s enrolled.

By the way – check out that quote from Tommy Bowden in the same notebook article about the impact that Jon Richt’s commitment to Clemmins had on Dwayne Allen.  Maybe Richt wasn’t kidding when he said he wouldn’t put on a Tiger hat at his son’s LOI signing.

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Timing is everything.

Two last, quick stories on the recruiting front for the recently concluded 2008 signing season.

  • University of Florida co-defensive coordinator Greg Mattison is evidently leaving for greener pastures (i.e., an NFL job). Raise your hand if you think Florida’s recruits were informed of this before signing LOIs this week. Bueller? Bueller?
  • A top recruit changes his mind at the eleventh hour about which school he’ll attend and it’s inevitable that somebody would speculate about a quid pro quo. Except in this case it’s the kid’s high school recruiting coordinator. Who’s not exactly subtle about it, either: “Colorado came in on Friday and said and did something and offered something that Darrell and his mom couldn’t pass up…” Shades of an offer they couldn’t refuse (cue the musical theme from The Godfather). Momma, by the way, has asked for a face to face today. What do you figure the over/under will be on the number of attorneys in the room for that meeting?


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