He couldn’t find a purple sport coat?

As fashion statements go, jeez, this is heinous.

Honestly, he’d look better in an Oregon jersey.

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4 responses to “He couldn’t find a purple sport coat?

  1. He likely got them from these guys:

    The link goes to the UGA version. They’re based out of SC. So I’d wager that’s where he got ’em. I have some red ones from them. But mine only have ONE GT embroidered on the hip. Not the crazy pattern look.

    They’re slow with delivery, but if you roll with red pants…it’s nice having the right color red.

    And yes…..the UT and Clemson pants are HORRIFIC.


  2. It’s the matching docksiders that make it for me.


  3. Typo

    Obviously mine only have one G logo. Not a GT logo.

    Boy…that would be scandalous wouldn’t it? Me with Tech pants.


  4. Dawgoff

    I can’t beleive the taters keep this guy around. He can’t coach worth a flip. I don’t understand how one man can do so little with so much. I am so glad I am not a Clemson fan! Go Dawgs.