Timing is everything.

Two last, quick stories on the recruiting front for the recently concluded 2008 signing season.

  • University of Florida co-defensive coordinator Greg Mattison is evidently leaving for greener pastures (i.e., an NFL job). Raise your hand if you think Florida’s recruits were informed of this before signing LOIs this week. Bueller? Bueller?
  • A top recruit changes his mind at the eleventh hour about which school he’ll attend and it’s inevitable that somebody would speculate about a quid pro quo. Except in this case it’s the kid’s high school recruiting coordinator. Who’s not exactly subtle about it, either: “Colorado came in on Friday and said and did something and offered something that Darrell and his mom couldn’t pass up…” Shades of an offer they couldn’t refuse (cue the musical theme from The Godfather). Momma, by the way, has asked for a face to face today. What do you figure the over/under will be on the number of attorneys in the room for that meeting?


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2 responses to “Timing is everything.

  1. dean

    As long as no horses were decapitated, I’m OK with it.


  2. Ally

    I’ve seen the rumors a/b Omar being duped by the Urban Liar (raise your hand if you’re shocked). It really sux for him; from what I understand its pretty hard to get out of the LOI.
    Maybe you should offer your services pro bono Senator 😉