So, this is what “settle it on the field” looks like.

Over at Double-A Zone, the NCAA’s official blog, Josh has a post up about a mock selection of the March Madness field for this season.

1:35 p.m. Introductions are currently being made. There are about 20 sportswriters from across the country presently in the Palmer Pierce room at NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis. Two journalists are paired together to represent one member of the Men’s Basketball Committee.

Take a peek.  It’s a long read.

Yes, I know it’s a mock draft.  But it’s an exercise sponsored by the NCAA in order to give journalists a feel for what the actual committee goes through in the selection process.  And anyway you look at it, this is what you’re going to have when there’s a subjective element employed to select the participants in a postseason tourney, whether it’s comprised of sixty four or just four schools.



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6 responses to “So, this is what “settle it on the field” looks like.

  1. stick jackson

    I’m not sure holding up the basketball tournament as an object of scorn is a play off oponent’s best argument. So yep, you’d have to seed a seeded playoff. Got it.

    And then the teams go play. And the team that plays best wins.

    And how do we settle it now? In production meetings at ESPN? When Steve Spurrier dictates his poll submission to SID intern via cell phone from the back nine at Augusta? When a guy who has a computer poll types in his latest batch of data? That’s the relevant comparison, not the last three minutes of the LSU Auburn game.


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  3. stick, you’re missing my point.

    I’m not being scornful about the selection process for March Madness. I am poking a stick at those folks who argue that a playoff lets schools “settle things on the field”. That’s true if the tourney format allows only schools that are conference champs to be eligible, or does it only by won-loss record.

    Anything else, you’re just substituting one group of wise men’s opinions for another’s.


  4. kckd

    I would respond, but it will be easier if I just copy and paste the same response I gave a week ago when this story in another form was posted on here.

    I was elected king of the dead horse beathers when arguing Stafford should start over Joe T. I have to say, you are a good challenger to my incumbency.


  5. kckd, tell you what – I’ll stop posting about the dumb arguments people make in support of playoffs when they stop making the dumb arguments. 😉


  6. kckd

    Fair enough. It’s my own fault, I should’ve never opened the blog entry. Within three sentences I knew what the story was about, what you would say about it. What others would counter with and how you would respond.