All the right moves

I was going to post something sarcastic about what is surely the most earth shattering development in college football this month, but I knew that if I waited, someone would do a more in-depth shredding of the genius than I cared to.

And I was right.

By the way, doesn’t all the import of Weis’ move to give up playcalling remind you of something closer to home? Except for the fact that Richt didn’t feel the need to have Bill Belichick validate anything and that he didn’t trumpet the move to the press in advance, but instead quietly gave Bobo the chance to work without intense scrutiny, it’s just alike!

Oh yeah, except Richt could actually call a good game against a top 20 defense when he turned over the reins, that is.



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4 responses to “All the right moves

  1. Hobnail_Boot

    Oh, I see. This way, Weis can blame someone else when the offense stinks again next year, thus saving his own neck for at least another year.


  2. My guess is that Weis follows the same trail that the Zooker blazed at Florida and interferes with his assistants to the detriment of the team’s performance.


  3. Probably some truth to what Hobnail said. Things are not working out now with Weiss calling plays so why not try a new way. And if it goes badly (can’t get much worse) he has an out.


  4. dean

    It’s a win, win arrangement. As mentioned, if the play calling doesn’t work then it’s not his fault but if they start hanging half a hundred on people then he’s a genius for making the move.
    I wonder if that’s why my boss pushes so much of his work off on me? HMMM!