We have to admit it’s getting better… it’s getting better all the time.

When last we left our intrepid heroes, the head football coaches from the two D-1 programs in the Palmetto State, both were  plainly upset about the inability of the pointy heads in the admissions offices at their two respective institutions of higher learning to get with the program.

The football program, that is.

But it’s clear with the passing of a year that time heals all wounds. Check out Steve Spurrier, channelling his inner Chico Escuela:

“The university’s been very good with us,” Spurrier said Wednesday.

That’s nice.  Tommy concurs.

“I applaud our administration for working out a system that pretty much levels the playing field,” Bowden said Wednesday.


So what exactly did the schools do?  South Carolina doesn’t say explicitly, but at Clemmins the steps taken to grease the skids

… included not tying admissions to the national letter of intent and letting the athletic review committee use a program’s NCAA graduation success rate and academic progress rate in a sliding scale to determine a student-athlete’s admission.

And with that, peace in our time.  Everyone involved is at least… well, let’s let Tommy have the last word here.

… Spurrier doesn’t expect to call any recruits with bad admissions news this time around. And Bowden thinks Clemson’s policy changes were “awful advantageous” this year.

In addition, Bowden says, those in academics at the school and those in the “athletic arena are relatively happy with where we are.”

Everything is relative, you know.

I think Tommy came out the big winner on this.  According to Scout, Clemmins recruiting ranking rose from 23rd in 2007 to 11th in 2008.  South Carolina’s numbers actually fell from 7th to 34th in that same period.  (Rivals tells a similar tale with its rankings.)  Maybe there’s room in Columbia to do a little more tweaking with the admissions process.

After all, if at first you don’t succeed…


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One response to “We have to admit it’s getting better… it’s getting better all the time.

  1. dean

    Tweak the admission policy all you want but if a kid doesn’t want to play for a mediocre school the admission policy isn’t going to matter. It’s funny how many kids had S.Car at the top of their lists when they were 6-1 compared to how many had them ON their lists at 6-6.
    How much lower can they really drop admission? I mean CU and USC aren’t exactly institution’s of higher learning.